International Conference on Service Oriented Computing

WESOA Workshop

WESOA complements ICSOC by focusing on core software engineering issues in the context of service-oriented systems, keeping pace with emerging application areas of service computing that include mobile, social and cloud computing. The WESOA workshop encourages radically new approaches that address the challenges that arise from these unique characteristics of service-oriented applications, focusing on principles, methodologies and tools that support service-oriented SLDC. Our aim is to facilitate exchange and evolution of ideas in service engineering research across multiple disciplines and to encourage participation of researchers from academia and industry. To promote collaboration the WESOA workshop has a highly interactive format with technical sessions complemented by extensive discussions. WESOA 2014 will continue a successful series of ICSOC workshops started in Amsterdam in 2005. Over the last nine years WESOA workshop has demonstrated its relevance by attracting a large number of participants, and producing high-quality papers that were published by Springer LNCS series and in a special issue of the IJCSSE journal.

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