International Conference on Service Oriented Computing

RMSOC Workshop

Human and non-human resource management has been researched in several communities, e.g., in the agents- or the BPM-research community. Until recently, the main research focus in the BPM community has been intra-organizational. However, the emergence of Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) in cloud computing environments requires managing resources both intra- and inter-organizationally by means of service-oriented computing. Furthermore, as a trend, organizations increasingly outsource (parts of) their business processes and/or crowdsource workforce for activity completion in a distributed way. Consequently, new research challenges emerge for resource management throughout all the phases of the business-process lifecycle. The goal of this workshop is to explore resource management in service-oriented computing both in intra-organizational processes with intensive resource needs, and in inter-organizational collaborations where organizations outsource process activities that involve resource-related requirements for individual, or collaborative work execution. For example, conditions that human resources must meet in order to participate in activity execution, or specific software required for activity completion.

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