International Conference on Service Oriented Computing

KASA Workshop

Service oriented computing is widely accepted for building interoperable, dynamic and adaptive systems. However, in spite of the tremendous advances and adoption, a considerable manual work is still required to align the implementation of service-based systems with business and end-users requirements. Several efforts have been interested in bridging the gap between business and end-users level on one hand and the implementation and technical layer on the other hand. Initially driven by semantic Web technologies, the proposed and emergent approaches adopt new techniques such as formal concept analysis, information retrieval, social based recommendation, natural language processing, and statistical analysis and mining. Typically, these approaches abstract from/complement technical details and focus on services and BP from a semantic and knowledge perspective. The ultimate goal is managing service-oriented applications from a business and semantic level. The efforts made by both Semantic Web and SOA research communities have led to the present SOA standards where ontologies and other formal frameworks can be considered in several ways to improve SOA frameworks efficiency. However, reaching the level of natively and fully semantic aware SOA frameworks is still a challenging task. The workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners working in semantically enabled and knowledge aware service oriented systems in order to present, discuss and share original research works and practical experience.

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